Real estate on steroids

Tweets Stattweets launched today, enabling sports fans to follow their favorite teams, get spreads, scores, standings, ranks etc.

The idea isn’t new but their angle is. The content here is broadcast direct from the teams themselves rather than from the arbitrary public. 

Immediate info.
Direct from the source.
I love this.

And I would love this from real estate.

Imagine a REStatweets that broadcast Just listed, Just sold, Pending, local stats and spreads from every major, minor and collegiate real estate brand locally and nationally. 

Subscribers might include agents and brokers who would be able to acquire new listing information from any or every one of the brokerage brands listed in the network. If agent A gets a listing right this second, how much time would elapse before that listing is uploaded into the MLS and broadcast to out to the agent population? How much time would it take before it’s broadcast out to the marketplace?

REstattweets could reduce that down to seconds. 

This does not replace the MLS. It simply acts a surrogate service that gets the ball rolling quickly. It’s a listing alert on steroids. It’s an open house alert on steroids. It’s what’s happening on every block on steroids. 

It’s real estate on steroids.

Consumers could subscribe too. Now, I know sports engenders a certain fanaticism that you may think real estate does not have. But I’m not dribbling in that end of the logic court. I believe real estate is addictive. I believe it’s voyeuristic. And I believe those who work inside it (agents, title reps, mortgage orginators, and the like) as well as those outside – the consumer – possess a healthy passion for it.

Especially now.

Micro-broadcasting in real estate is still in its infancy. Early adopters are currently focused on broadcasting about themselves and what they are doing. I’ve learned there is value there but I am still convinced that content only has a few seconds of real relevancy and pales in value to reporting useful data. 

Sports might be apples to real estate’s oranges. But data is data. Any engine that could power the instant delivery of it is one I believe is worth subscribing to, paying for and driving. 

– Davison
Twitter: 1000wattmarc