Where is real estate's Steve Jobs?

Technology has Gates.
Style has Martha.
Industrial design has Steve Jobs.

Sports has Cuban.

Capitalists have Gene Simmons.


They serve as guides.
They make sense of their categories.
They offer direction. Explanation. Sometimes, hope.


Who does real estate have? Who speaks for this industry?

Right now, the most credible public voices stand in opposition. Glenn Kelman. The Mainstream Media.
The DOJ.

This industry is in crisis.


Ask anyone why homes aren’t selling despite low rates, falling prices
and a healthy economy and the answer is always the same: We’re scared.

The DOJ’s new website provides a road map for
interested in battering the business. Numbers like the $93 billion Americans paid in commissions
in 2006 sit there, floating like a slow pitch about to be clobbered by reflexive real estate critics.

And consumers? They will eat this up and spit it right back out like an angry camel.

Again: Who speaks for this industry?

Is there anyone that might explain this information, might assuage some fear about the market, or restore some hope?

NAR, the "Voice of Real Estate" has obliterated its credibility with
hackneyed statements and airbrushed data. Allan Dalton is at an
undisclosed location cooking up something "transformational". Dave
Liniger is a gutsy genius, but seems distracted.


Real estate needs someone to light the path forward for the million-plus practitioners now
struggling and the tens of millions of consumers looking
for a reason — any reason — to trust this business.


Real estate needs a leader. See any prospects? Let us know.