What are you doing right now?

Ttt Twittervision. My new home page.

At any moment I can see what someone is thinking anywhere in the world. Do I really care that some dude is picking lint from his belly button or some girl dropped her cell phone or that half the posts that pop up are written in languages in don’t even recognize?

Sure I do.

It makes me realize that there is a world full of people no different than I am despite their race, creed, color, social class or politics.

It flattens the world in a way that makes each of us more rounded. But mostly, I stare at that map and wonder how cool it would be if the pop up posts where homes being listed RIGHT NOW. Or agents posting cool stuff about their communities RIGHT NOW. Or sending messages up to Twitter about a home they just previewed. RIGHT NOW.

What are you doing right now? Right now, I may have no idea who you are. 10 seconds from now the entire TWITTER universe could. Seems to me real estate has a lot to say but they’re having trouble getting the world to hear it.