What if you received this in your inbox?

Dear Jean and Tom,

Hi, this is Marc Davison, General Manager of Davison Real Estate. In conjunction with Margaret Hill, your agent, I want to personally welcome you to your new home, and our community. This is a great place to live.
I know that between unpacking and decorating, you probably have your hands quite full so we thought you might enjoy taking a break and joining us for our monthly company barbecue at Islay Park on Sat, May 16th. We want to get to know you better and introduce you to other new families that have also just moved into the neighborhood. There will be fun and games for the kids and some great housewarming gifts.

It starts at 1:00. You need not bring a thing.

Lastly, please take a moment to fill out this simple customer service feedback survey (a link would be provided) it will help us learn more about how we perform and hopefully improve our performance standards.


Marc Davison
General Manager
Davison Real Estate

The 5 questions would be as follows and answers would be in the form of a Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory and Excellent rating:

1. How would you rate our level of service?

2. How would your rate our knowledge and expertise?

3. How would you rate our website?

4. How would you rate our professionalism?

5. How would you rate our experience against your expectations?

What if you were Jean and Tom and received this from the owner of the company your agent worked for?
What if you were the company owner that sent it?
What if you were the agent?

Would this not be a service that differentiates a broker and the agent?

Could this be a step towards creating a connection with customers that would move their opinion about real estate folk in a positive direction?

What do you think?