The mark of a successful campaign

Img016_3 I often harp on how oblivious real estate ads are to the needs of consumers.

I often comment on how silly real estate ad copy tends to be – often written like a note to oneself rather than an articulation of unique and deliverable benefits.

I’m often outspoken about the grandiose statements made by real estate folks without any proof to back those statements.

I rarely ever acknowledge a great ad.

Well not today.

This past Sunday, upon waking up, I nudged my wife and said “Honey, I was thinking…in order to get our Nipomo home listed and sold, we need to find an agent with ears. Two in fact, so he can hear what our home means to us. In stereo.”

Without hesitation, Lori whispered back “I know. And he should have two eyes, so he can seek out the perfect buyer.”

And then, as if we read each others minds, we said in unison, “An agent who is the changing face of real estate.”

The hum of an angelic choir breezed through our room.

I rose, fetched the Sunday paper, and found this ad inside. What are the odds, that one agent, replete with ears and eyes, would appear who somehow perceived the needs of Lori and I.

That’s the mark of a successful campaign.


Boy was I lucky I read the paper this morning. I only hope he also has the hands to pick up the phone when I place my call.