Two photo tools that caught my eye this week

If you don’t subscribe to MakeUseOf, you should. It’s a treasure trove of neat applications. Some of the things they surface are of marginal utility to just about anyone, but a couple things they wrote about this week are relevant to online real estate:

This free app enables you to display large, zoom-able images on your website. They can also be viewed in full-screen mode. The real estate cases here are obvious. I’d love to zoom in and out of one photo of a back yard than click through several shots.


This is a free gallery/slideshow app that’s super simple, what is what I like. There are tools with more sizzle, but this is great for quickly arranging a group of photos (perhaps of a home). I also found it to be more user-friendly than Flickr, which, for all it’s greatness, still has serious usability problems.

And sorry about the bad pun 😉