Turn off the Real Estate Muzak and demand perfection

After two years of writing, I finally realize what’s missing from the ideal real estate brokerage I have been trying to document.

It was revealed to me Sunday night while in the theatre watching the Michael Jackson documentary This is it.

Throughout, what came across the screen was a man on an endless pursuit of perfection.

What separated Michael Jackson from other gifted artists was his inability to compromise. Ever. On anything. He chose the best dancers. Musicians. Set designers. Sound, lighting and special affects people. Directors. Producers. Choreographers. Singing coaches.

He sought out the best and made one request: Bring everything you have to the table.

Stripped down to basic talent, Michael had peers. He was a great dancer, songwriter, and singer but so were others of his era. What made him special was that endless pursuit, the drive to hold to his standards and attend to every entry point to his brand.

This might explain his strange physical manifestations – the mission to improve backfired there.

Every real estate brokerage could dance in Michael’s Penny Loafers. Their name could be in lights and their sales could be chart topping ” if the drive toward perfection is there.

Are all of your agents the best? Do they bring everything they have to the table? Or have you sacrificed the pursuit for quantity?

What about your set designers and special effects people? You know, your Website vendor, marketing team, call center staff, trainers, etc. Are they the best there is? Do they bring everything they have to the table?

Have you chosen the best technology vendor or the cheapest? What new moves have they brought to your table lately?

I could watch Michael 24 hours a day. And revel in the distances he reached internally and externally to create the greatest show on earth. And how he motivated and inspired collaborators to dig deep too and bring it.

This is what drives great brands. And inspires loyalty.

As the credits ran, people wept. They said they miss Michael Jackson. I don’t doubt that. But I think what people really miss is witnessing the level of greatness to which he rose – and that which he brought out of others. People are drawn to that. They are encouraged by it. They buy into it as a way to find greatness in themselves.

If you think a real estate brokerage can make that happen, you might wanna be starting something.

Doing anything less is just more Real Estate Muzak.