Top 10 Guesses on Zillow's endgame

Feel free to add to this. Be nice. They are a part of the industry. 

#10 They will launch brick and mortar retail stores called Zillow’s Secret. We won’t know what they are selling or what anything costs. The Zetail price of their goods will be based upon a range calculated by the customer at the point of purchase.

#9  Sucking all the available VC out of SV so there ‘s nothing left for anyone else.

#8  A Web 2.0 social network based on panhandling. They play some blues on their Zestiphone and fill their hat with Silicon dollars      

#7  Getting Rula Lenska to come out of retirement and be their spokesperson

#6  A play to get Zillow listed in Webster’s as an official verb, noun, pronoun and adjective.

#5  The rights to buy the letter Z.

#4  Take the title of highest profile online real estate gamble away from Microsoft.

#3  Anonymously channel Zollars to families who have lost their homes in the credit market crisis.

#2  Push

#1  Who the Zuck knows?