The Smoking Gun in Real Estate

Today’s article "Real Estate’s Smoking Gun" posed what the push toward a personalized web experience and "trusted sources" mean for real estate. For us Boomers this may seem like cutting edge but really this is exactly how we built our sphere offline when we were young – through the social networks we belonged to.

Today, this is done online. It’s not new or cutting edge. It’s simply the way people today connect with the world.

Big ramifications for real estate. Not today. But tomorrow. If you have extra time today, invest in tomorrow because it’ll be here ”

Are you building Facebook widgets? Apps for the iPhone? Are you developing 1 big cool idea that is uniquely yours that would categorically embody your entire value proposition?

1000WATT wants to dig deep and help real estate find its core value and
help connect you with what consumers really value. First we’d like to
really get to know what you think. Post your answers!

1.  Do you have?
    a.  A position in Second life
    b.  A Facebook Page
    c.  A Twitter account
    d.  A Blog
    e.  Memberships in other social networks

2.  Which do you find more credible?
    a.  Advice from your sphere of web friends or
    b.  Advice you find on new websites you visit.

3.  When scrolling down a Google result page do you click on Pay per clicks? If yes, what percentage of the time?

4. How often do you click on banner ads/Google ads?

5. Have you customized the web for your own experience?

6. If you are a Realtor list the 5 things you feel embody Full Service?

7. If you are not a Realtor, please list the 5 things you would consider "full-service"?

– Davison