The real estate draw bridge.

Draw_bridge_2Each side separated. One side is the past. The comfort zone. The left, the future. The uncomfortable zone. The one always one second from right now. Each side drawn up allowing ships of consumer disconnect to pass through.

If tradition had it’s own flag, it’s symbol would be a phone held by a Realtor to their ear. If futurists had a flag, its symbol would also be a phone. But it would in the palm of a user. Texting.

Down below, the ships filled with consumers just want to buy or sell real estate. They go online to search and by virtue of technology, both on and off line, they resort to mechanisms that allow them to conduct business  in ways traditional real estate continues to struggle with.

Examples include social networking. Transparency. Access to everything. No holds barred. Communication as it stands today, that social behavior is witnessing a huge paradigm shift away from phone calls and email . Today, it’s about posts. Blogs. Text messages. RSS feeds.

Real estate has this technology in the palms of their hands but they don’t use it. The’re Fred Flintstone. Propelling themselves manually like he did in his car. Peddling by foot rather than using an engine. That’s the average Mr and Mrs Realtor. Sitting on their side of the bridge fueled by balloons, dogs and phones to their ear. Across the water, seconds away is the future. Filled with progressive tools and methodologies that anyone in their right mind would swim across the water below to get access too.

Pick your feet up. Rev your engine. Lower the draw bridge and gas it. Use technology the way it’s meant to be used. To the max.