The pot of gold at the end of real estate's rainbow coalition

In my world, we are all the same.
United by our commonalities, bonded still further by ardent disagreement.
Through tension, debate and collaboration, we rise and evolve.

Chris Brogan, well known in tech/social media circles, has this to offer real estate professionals. He begins with the disclaimer:

I’m not in the real estate biz, so I’ll write this from the perspective of what I’ve observed and what might be useful.

Real estate practitioners have often discounted the opinions of outsiders. But that seems to be changing.

The year 2000. Homegain launches amid considerable controversy that lasts for years. Today, they are woven deep into the fabric of real estate, connecting thousand of practitioners with nearly six million consumers who visit the site each month. They have a flourishing business and provide real opportunities to their members, including the agent who received my business. He would tell you the cost to acquire my transaction was worth it.

The year was 2006. Zillow emerged. While many enjoy the sport of skeet shooting Zillow’s product line, many more have woven Zillow’s cotton lining inside their linen business coats and wear better as a result.

A rainbow collation

One could argue that in the 90’s, the first wave of Internet invaders were made up of dot-com rustlers  looking to wrangle consumers away from the traditional real estate coral. By 2002 – high noon – most if not all them were gunned down or run out of town.

Today the landscape sparkles, augmented by a beautiful rainbow forming over yonder. It’s comprised of a pantone chart of vendors, bloggers, thinkers and innovators with new perspectives, deep intelligence and wonderfully fresh offerings. You know some of them — Joel, Dustin , Seth — who join with many others like Jessie, Chuck and other new entrants with cool, new, engaging ideas. 

Real estate today. It’s a rainbow coalition of outsiders, insiders, consumers, MBAs, college students, Americans and friends abroad all participating in the construction of a new real estate experience. Not only for themselves, but for everyone.   

Join in.
Add your color to the spectrum.
When the bad market storm passes, be part of the rainbow. 

My sense is, there’s a pot of gold waiting at the end of it.