The Paris Hiltonization of Real Estate

The image below was forwarded to me by several people today. Each occupies a significant role within the real estate industry.

It’s funny that I’ve become the repository for this stuff. What’s funnier (or sad depending on your perspective) are the comments that accompany the emails coming in. None are favorable. Each, riddled with ridicule and cynical commentary.


Given the issues real estate faces today — the credit market meltdown, the distrust, the commission debate, and a looming sense that a reckoning is near — how do I process the idea that this Realtor of the month appears to have modeled himself after a
self-absorbed, sashaying, spoiled convicted felon with no
sense of the world around her?

You will notice, as did I, that Countrywide "presented" this issue.

With the dreams of tens of thousands of homeowners who began their trek down the road of homeownership with maps provided by unprofessional Realtors who turned many consumer dreams into nightmares, we all have to wonder how images like this play in consumer minds.

Final thought: was this dog thing ever a good idea?

— Davison