The new TV ads from T, Z, R and RE/MAX

Today,, Trulia and Zillow released new national TV ads. RE/MAX came out with a new ad last month.

We thought we’d put them all in one place for you. Because whatever you think of these ads, and these companies, it’s worth knowing how real estate is being massaged into the consumer consciousness at a mass-market level.

At the end of the day, if you’re a real estate agent anywhere, with any brand, these ads are ultimately about you.

Zillow: “Family search”

This is a pure brand ad, and continues along the well-worn “hearth and home” vein Marc wrote about in “Real Estate Taco.” It’s soft, acoustic guitar-strumming sentimentalism. It’s not original, but whether we like it or not, it works.

Trulia: “Moment of Trulia”

This ad is clever, cute and comes without kids, dogs or hugs. It’s fresh. The one thing that’s missing is a Unique Selling Proposition. Zillow can get away with soft because, well, they’re Zillow. How is Trulia different/better/more pleasurable? “Accuracy matters”

These ads are the best of the bunch. And we’re not saying that because Move is a 1000WATT client. They don’t try to make us believe fake people are real, but they do communicate a unique benefit and show us why it’s important. Plus, they’re funny.

RE/MAX: “Dream with your eyes open”

Super creative. Great tagline. Takes too long to get to the point, but when Jessica wrote “Put your dreams away” a while back, this is what she was meant: a little directness about what it takes to buy a home.