The Golden Ticket

We all have problems in our businesses.

Maybe we need more leads.

We might have plenty, but need those leads to convert better.

Maybe we’re losing people left and right.

Or we simply can’t keep up with demand.

Maybe our marketing efforts aren’t working.

Or those content marketing pieces are creating a lot of action and attention, but aren’t moving the needle on sales.

Maybe we look around and feel like there’s nothing differentiating us from Carl, the competitor across the street.

Maybe we lost love and passion for what we do everyday. There’s no juice left powering our value.

Whatever the problem, part of our brains are always seeking solutions.

We buy new software. We hire new people. We get a coach or form an advisory board.

None of it takes the problems away.

Sometimes, these efforts just reroute problems elsewhere inside our companies or lives.

I used to think there was a Golden Ticket waiting on the sideline of every challenge.

That somewhere someone had the answer.

Or somewhere someone was building the tech that would slay it once and for all.


There is no Golden Ticket.

No one has the answers or tech solutions to end-all.

There is no Chocolate River flowing directly into a land of perfection.

This is business.

This is life.

It’s messy. And undefined.

Creativity is the only constant.

If we can commit to that, at the very least — to wiping the slate clean each day and creating thought and action. If we can let go of the notion that there’s one right way, one person, one blueprint…

We could perhaps let loose, step into our true zones of genius, and create something brilliant. 

We could let go of convention.

We could turn inward and stop watching others.

We could participate fully in creating our businesses anew every day.

Starting with how we think about these things called problems.

We could start being “fucking fearless,” as John Schoolcraft says.

We could revolutionize our companies and our teams and our brands.

We could find meaning beyond the profits.

Is there any other way?