The changing face of real estate advertising

Meet Captain Jones. 


There was a time when Captain Jones mattered to the consumer.
The individual pilot was a bankable brand marker.

That was then.

This is now:


Delta hired SS+K Advertising to handle the new "Change is" ad campaign.
Delta moved from the past to the present.
They realized pilots don’t sell seats.


Delta went through some tough times before emerging from bankruptcy in April, 2007. Business was bad. The airline industry endured its own bubble burst. Like real estate is now.

They invested. Rebuilt. Re-branded. Recommitted. Connected.

Who is investing in change in real estate?   
Who is updating their image? 
Who is listening to the consumer?

Who is investing, re-branding, recommitting, reconnecting? Who is changing?

I see someone is.


Or are they?

This ad is part of a campaign now running in my local paper. Each week the "changing face" changes and features a different Captain Jones Realtor face.   

I ask myself each week …

Does the consumer care anymore?
Do we believe each and every one of the agents WILL do what the ad says?
If these are the changing of faces of real estate … why is it they look exactly like the every other face in real estate?

HOW will you sell my house?
HOW will you seek the perfect buyer?
HOW will you guide me?

What is your service guarantee?

Without these things, this ad is just advertising flatulence.

I see a big opportunity for real estate companies that start speaking with a more authentic voice. I’ve got plenty of ideas. How about you?