The Big "O" – Not this morning

Terabitz launched today. And here’s the most amazing thing about it – the CEO’s 15-year old son came up with the idea. Proves my idea about real estate companies hiring gen-Y geniuses may have merit.

But beyond the 15-year old angle, what else is cool about Terabitz? I built my page around my home. Basically it’s Netvibes for real estate. Cool. Now what? Didn’t really give me the “Big O” I’m looking for in online real estate. There was a lot of data to plug in. But the data was incomplete or not current. The local café feed did not include my favorite spot. 

Yes, the app allows me to control my own experience. I like that. Every consumer likes that. But what do I do with it?

Attention real estate Industry: We need you!!! Doesn’t anyone inside the business have a 15-year old genius son or daughter? If you do, ask them what they think of your company website. Ask them what they think of Terabitz. My guess is they are going to look at you and say, “Mom/Dad, why can’t your company build this — better?”

A Venture firm invested $10,000,000 in Terabitz. I wish those VC’s would have consulted with us. Our advice: Want to invest in real estate? Buy a 10 million dollar commercial building in Spokane.

– Davison