The answers are inside

Business trips are never as sexy as they sound. 

I love face time with clients, and there’s nothing quite like immersing myself inside the local market of a broker. But the time away from family, sterile hotel rooms, and hours spent on airplanes takes a toll.

That was all very different last year, when India, Corina, Darcy and I set out to visit a new client in Nassau, Bahamas. 

The trip obviously felt more like an adventure, given where we landed. But it was where we went from there that was the best part. 

When an established company branches out

Morley Realty was already a household name in the Bahamian community. The company has operated for three generations and is known for fairness and sincerity. But this legacy was rooted in the commercial side of real estate, and Morley was now branching out in residential sales.

And, like many of our clients, they were seeing a lot more competing brokerages coming to their backyard and eating up market share.

It was time to tell a stronger story. Tie the past to the future. Stand out and make people take note. Morley is clearly a leader. We wanted to show Bahamians and the world what was underneath.

We got to work writing a new brand story, and designing a strategy and visual identity system to signal a new era for the company. 

It’s tempting to follow trends — to mimic what others are doing to try to outsmart them in some way or feel “current.” But we went a different route…

Overall, our strategy was to look inside Morley for the direction of where to go — not outside. It resulted in some of our best work to date and it was a real treat to collaborate with the team.

Here for good

We came up with the new tagline, “Here for good,” to both signal the company’s honorable position in Bahamian real estate and highlight strong roots in a community that is now seeing a lot of new people coming in.

“Good” to Morley is a way of business that is always honest, fair and considers the greater wellbeing of the islands. And the tagline became the beacon that led all the work that followed.