Takkle This!

Two things you may not be aware of:

First, a while back I suggested real estate companies run contests where consumers submit short videos on their homes. Make it funny and engaging. Each month the videos are voted on – on the broker’s site. Winners would be announced in categories such as “best kitchen” or “coolest den.”

The idea is to help real estate companies play the 2.0 game, bring something interactive to the marketplace and build a killer database of original home content.

Second, I read today that Takkle.com – a social network where kids post photos and videos, share stats and schedules, and connect with others in the Takkle community – is doing just this sort of thing. Takkle’s contest, called Battle on Takkle, invites basketball players around the country to submit videos of themselves shooting 3-pointers. They are looking for the most consecutive 3-point shots in a row. The contest is open to athletes all over the US. By virtue of the site’s social features, they can discover each other. Pick up games will ensue.

Growing up in NYC I saw things like this first hand on the streets. Now it’s online. Web 2.0 – It’s where the rubber of the street meets slick of the web.

Brokers, when will you play ball?

– Davison