Something different

Todd Shively had spent many years as a brokerage leader, and wanted to do something different.

So he called us. 

His vision: Create a hub for the best real estate practitioners in the Seattle market. Invite people, don’t recruit them. Forget about splits and instead charge an annual membership fee which, in time, leads to ownership in the firm. Any and all profit reinvested, not taken.

Quality trumps scale, selectiveness rules. 

The name, fittingly: Ensemble

Our job was to create a brand identity as distinctive as Todd’s vision. This of course is much more than a logo, though that’s an important component. At 1000WATT, we create complete brand systems: color, type, pattern, texture, photo style, grid, and more. An asset built with strategy and made to last.  

I hope you can see the difference that level of care makes in the work. You can see some of the Ensemble brand below, or view even more on our website.

Learn more about Ensemble on their website

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