Sincerely yours

“They call me Winz.” 

Matt Winzenried is one of those people who puts you at ease immediately. He has a disarming way about him, even though he runs a high performing real estate team.

Matt makes you comfortable because he is comfortable. He’s self-assured. Secure in his belief that he’s doing exactly what he was meant to do. 

What he and his team do is help people – mostly young families – buy and sell homes on the West side of Madison, Wisconsin, the neighborhood in which Matt was born. They do it with a community-minded spirit that feels fully sincere. When we asked Matt how he measured success, he answered “the health of the team.”

Matt came to us looking to take his team to the next level with sharper positioning, a more differentiated story and superior brand visuals. We knew doing this work for such a close-knit team would require us to capture the approachable, service-focused energy he and the people at Matt Winzenried Real Estate Partners radiate. 

The words and the visuals, working together, had to communicate that truth. 

We went to work. 

The brand mantra, or slogan, was the capstone: 

Sincerely Yours.” 

This isn’t something you’d think of as a team slogan. And that’s the point. It felt 100% right for Matt and his team. Defensible. Ownable. Outside the norm. 

And, above all else, true. 

We built the story and message out from there:

We moved to visuals – a logo, signage, type and more – that needed to build on this tone:

Matt pulled his new brand story and identity together on his website beautifully. Words, photos, design — all working together to communicate a difference, a mission, and a feeling.

You feel, in a word, comfortable.

Here’s what Matt had to say:

“1000WATT helped us put clear labels and language to the true identity of my team. They helped us identify our demographics and client base and put together messaging that will appeal to them in a way that is authentic to who we are. They took our input, filtered it through their lens, their experience, and came back with something that was a home run. Their enthusiasm and excitement that they showed for the project got me excited, kept me excited, and had me engaged throughout the whole process. They know who they are and know our industry so they can be creative while staying within a frame that works with our industry. I feel fortunate that I had the chance to work with this talented team and look forward to my continued success thanks to their great work.”

– Matt Winzenried

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