Real estate freestyle – what if?

Watch this video. As you do …

Replace the branded beverages with branded brokerages.

Replace the content of each beverage with listings, data, content.

Replace the typical fountain dispenser that offers limited selection and significant backroom dependency with IDX rules.

Replace freestyle integration of complex flavor cartridges w/micro-dosing technology with a freestyle integration of apps, data, and content without restrictions.

Replace the appeal this rich graphical interface offers its users with the appeal non-broker owned search sites offer.

Freestyle Real Estate

Folks, this is space-age technology build around $1.00 beverages aimed at making life just a little simpler and easier for the consumer. There’s a reason Coke is the world’s most recognized brand. They don’t rest on convention.  They don’t live off the past. They don’t fear change.

I bet this all began with a simple what if? conversation. We all have them. They are born out of frustration. Or the desire to produce or create something that currently doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s to make things better. Transform the status quo. Or rule the world.

That’s how brands think. It’s what the best ones do. They conjure. They act. They deliver.

That’s the spark that launched Zappos, which I am sure Alfred will tell you about when he speaks at Real Estate Connect San Francisco in a few weeks.

So I offer the video to help stir the drink of inspiration. To help break down the barriers that keep “Traditional” brokers from giving the innovators of the industry a hug. That keep MLSs from allowing their data to mash up with… anything. That keep you from partnering with the most unlikely entities.

Don’t get bogged down by apples and oranges, real estate is to soda pop, etc. Get inspired by how similar these ideas are.

And the result that can come from thinking freestyle.

– Davison Twitter:1000wattmarc Facebook: Fan Page