Quick Real Estate Connect observations

Not much time to blog. Been holed up in the 1000WATT suite. Much to share next week. Here are some quick-hit observations:

  1. Great event, great vibe.The shadow of housing and mortgage market gloom hasn’t encroached upon the Palace Hotel. As the person who ran the conference for Brad for years, I can say this may be the best Connect ever.
  2. Full service, flat-fee, cut-rate — I don’t what you call it, I’ve had enough of the ritual beating of this dead horse. It’s distracting. There’s so much more that matters going on right now.
  3. Brokers have reached the boiling point. The profitability problem has become an emergency, forcing them to re-examine their position vis-a-vis agents. Crazy splits, dead wood and brand abuse are becoming intolerable.
  4. The thumbnail effect: I recognize two thirds of the crowd — not because I’ve met them, but because I’ve seen them smiling at me on some social media platform.
  5. No killer app: I’ve looked at dozens of new companies this week, but nothing has struck me as a category killer. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. The field is still wide open.

Much more to come …

— Brian Boero