Pretzel Logic

Hot pretzel vendors are strewn across NYC street corners.

Each is equipped with the same push cart.

Their pretzels are provided by the same pretzel distributor.

They all offer the same soft drinks.

The only difference between them are their locations and the person manning the cart.

None are any more alluring than the other. To the masses they are just "pretzel guys" trying to make a buck.

Pretzels carts serve snacks. Quick fixes. They aren’t destinations for a serious meal.

Real estate is filled with Pretzel carts.
Millions of them strewn across the web.
Identical listings.
Identical content.
None more alluring than the next.

Real estate does have its fine dining experiences.
Hand picked destinations.
Zillow. Trulia.
The traffic to these establishments speaks volumes. 
People go there when they are serious.
They serve fresh apps.
Fresh content.

You don’t need to be big to offer something different.
Think like a Bistro.
If it can be done in the food industry, it can be done in real estate.