Our thing

1000WATT combines top-flight creative and strategic capabilities with insane domain knowledge in a way that creates superior outcomes for our clients. 

That’s our thing. Our USP. Our (ugh) “secret sauce.” 

We bring this to real estate companies, proptech companies, mortgage companies, builders and more — but all within the housing category. Focus is power. 

Who we are as a team aligns with this foundation. It’s gotta balance. Too much industry groupthink and your range of vision narrows; not enough domain expertise often leads to misshapen strategies and shallow, flaccid creative. 

Today we’re excited to announce two new hires that reflect our insider/outsider character. 

Valerie Garcia, who has spent nearly two decades helping real estate companies and practitioners think big and get better, is joining us as Senior Producer. Valerie is a fine thinker, a skilled communicator, and a marvelous listener. She will bring these qualities to 1000WATT client projects and help with some new initiatives we have cooking. 

Mike McCoy is joining us as Senior Copywriter. Mike has spent 15 years as an art director and copywriter in agencies where he worked on accounts ranging from coffee to aerospace. He’s smart as a whip and stoked to dive into this category we love. 

A cool thing about this: Valerie lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Mike lives in Wichita, Kansas. 1000WATT, like so many other companies, has freed itself from the self-imposed boundaries of office space. Talent lives everywhere. How did we not act on this truth sooner?

Here’s to more good things ahead.