A bit of hope in my inbox

Last week I wrote an article for Inman News titled Nothing lasts forever. I wrote it at 1:00 in the morning — a spur of the moment release of emotion. I considered writing commentary about the conference itself but chose to leave that to better writers and commentators.

At that moment, for me, after two days of hearing about how bad things are going to get, I needed to think about other things. Things that uplift the mind, soul, spirit. Things that bring about hope.

There’s never a time like right now. Today is your chance to make history.

Many forecasters at Connect were predetermining their future. They are painting a bleak outlook. For them, I believe, it will be. This is their reality and for them it will come to pass.

But don’t let it be yours.

History is loaded with stories of success during rough times. The individuals behind them marched to a different tune. They rose through depressions, recessions, inflations and market crises to become beacons for others.

Real estate has people like that. They have a different opinions. They don’t see doom and gloom despite the dead markets they appear to be working in. I want to share some of these stories that come to me via email.

Below is the cut and paste from something that was in my inbox last week — a comment made on the article I wrote for Inman. It’s uplifting. Inspirational. The writer works in California, a state "hard hit" by the bubble burst:


The "nickel" houses that became the "50 cent" houses that became the "$4" houses are still sold to families looking for the best schools, the best commute, the best country clubs, the best whatever. The best value. It’s still emotional, not logical and buyers/sellers still need the guidance of a professional to help them with the financing, emotional, logical, statistical aspects of the move.

Here, in my office, we’re using Web 2.0 tools instead of fax machines, instead of carbon paper to gain the same results that we did before those technologies. The good agents learn how to use the new technologies to do a better job than the competition.

There are always buyers and sellers – the good agents learn how to adapt to the market to find them. The Good Times are always for the good agents and we look forward to discovering better ways to provide better service for our clients.

2007 was the best year in my 37 year career – 2008 is probably going to be double 2007. Why? Because I pay no attention to the media or anyone else. I seek the buyers/sellers and provide the best service that I know how to provide – and I’m always trying to find better ways. Actually, the clients now seek me.

David Schubb

Here’s to more Davids this year.