OH here it is!

1000WATT clients include some of the largest companies in and around real estate. 

That’s something for which we are really grateful. 

But a couple years ago we decided to begin working with a small number of teams. Because, well, as you may have heard, teams are the future. And some of the most impressive people in this business are team leaders — business-building, systems-loving people with command and control over the experience they create for clients. 

Scott Oyler and Michael Hines fit this mold. Scott was running one of the top teams in Cincinnati; Michael led a powerhouse team focused on new construction. 

They wanted to combine forces and create a market-leading brand. 


When we first met Scott and Michael, their dedication to service and to creating an amazing future for their group and their clients was easily apparent. They had ideas about what they wanted to create, and how they wanted to do real estate, that gave us a foundation on which to build positioning, messaging, and a visual identity system. 

The challenge for us was to capture both of their teams’ infectious energy and create something new that would signal a shift in their business, yet not lose all the good each had built.

What resulted was a fresh look with magnetic copy that will complement their brokerage’s brand and take them into the future. (And some fun plays on their new initials, OH.)

The new brand, OYLER HINES, has an energy, a style, and a point of view that stands out from, and above, the competition.

They are now the #1 team in Cincinnati — and the brand to watch.