Mobile mojo and online real estate advertising

Check these two bits from the blog world today:

Techcrunch quotes a Citigroup analyst assessing the mobile space as follows:

Advertisers are seeing 10X increase in click-thrus via Mobile devices. Mobile Search activity is ramping fast this Smartphone Summer, and ad dollars are following.

10x. This is a number I keep hearing from small app developers and advertisers playing on the mobile platform. The small screen ads blow away their larger counterparts. So good for them, but what about big media players in our space that have built products, audiences and ad offerings around the “big screen?” Will they suffer a “death by a thousand apps?”

Second, Greg Sterling over at Local Mobile Search cites a survey from mobile ad network AdMob that indicates 70% of iPhone users download four or more apps on a monthly basis. 10% of users download sixteen or more each month. Sure, some go unused; many are free. But the level of activity on a platform so young is telling.