Lightening Crashes, an old newspaper dies

In the ’90’s, the band Live scored its biggest hit with this song. I was fortunate enough to have spent a few days on the road with the group beginning with the kick-off concert at Hershey Park.

The premise of the song is simple. Death. Rebirth. These elements are described through the passing of an old mother whose intentions pass on while simultaneously a young mother brings a new child into the world.

This bittersweet cycle of life played itself out in Ann Arbor this week. The Ann Arbor News announced that it will close shop after 174 years of publication.


Simultaneously, a new company and site will take over publishing and distributing local news through


Tony Deering, who worked for the Ann Arbor News for 11 years, has been named content manager for Below he succinctly illuminates the past, present and potential future of journalism, which is no doubt something that is top-of-mind for every broker, agent and seller in Ann Arbor and beyond.

The death of newspapers is imminent. Their ashes will fertilize the seeds of new ideas, new platforms and new media to serve the needs of future generations. It is imperative that very single broker in America understands what is taking place. Read your local tea leaves. And start mapping out where and how you will broadcast in the years to come.

The lightening is crashing. Will you be the new mother that cries or old mother that withers and fades?

“oh now feel it comin’ back again like a rollin’ thunder chasing the wind forces pullin’ from the center of the earth again I can feel it.” … Live, 1994

– Davison Twitter:1000wattmarc