LeadingRE’s Big Reveal

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (LeadingRE) holds a unique place in our industry. It’s a growing company with a strong brand that connects fiercely independent real estate brokerages across the world.

LeadingRE’s roots go back 50 years, deep into the relocation business. In the last decade, however, the company has grown many new branches: It is now a global community of market-leading brokerages.

Their membership includes 550 companies in 60 countries.

It is this growth that led Pam O’Connor and Paul Boomsma, LeadingRE’s CEO and COO, to approach us early this year to work with them and their marketing team on two very important initiatives:

First, developing a LeadingRE brand story that clearly communicates the company’s value and empowers members to leverage their LeadingRE membership more strongly in their local markets.

Second, creating a new LeadingRE brand logo and identity system that captures the company’s prominent position, but also works more elegantly as an ingredient brand within member marketing.

A big ask: create a logo and brand story that would be strong on its own, but also support hundreds of other brands all over the world.
It was a Rubik’s Cube-like challenge to align the myriad factors at play here. The LeadingRE team and the many members with whom we spoke were instrumental in working through them.

LeadingRE revealed the result in Amsterdam last week.

Our congratulations and thanks to the LeadingRE Team and the entire LeadingRE community.