Joel Burslem joins 1000WATT Consulting

I have the emotional range of an ATM. I don’t get excited often. Marc, on the other hand, is an artist, so he’s always jumping with some new enthusiasm. We make that work somehow.

Today, though, we’re both on the same wavelength: super-stoked.

Joel Burslem has joined our firm. That is a big deal for us, for him, and for our clients.

You may be familiar with Joel from his writing at Future of Real Estate Marketing Blog or his work at Inman News. Joel has also worked as a brokerage marketing director, a PR account executive and spent some time in the startup world. Most recently, he helped Brad Inman bring Vook to market.

He can write, he can think, he groks the real estate and technology picture and, most importantly, he can do things. Execute. That was key because we determined from the outset that 1000WATT Consulting would be about getting things done, not just talk.

Joel is also Canadian, which we are hoping will help temper our 1000WATT neuroses with a dose of good sense.

As some of you may know, all three of us sprung, in some manner, from the Inman News organization. That makes our relationship now even more meaningful because we carry with us something learned there: a belief that the real estate industry can be, it must be, better. We owe Brad a debt of gratitude for sparking that in us.

Joel will continue to provide editorial guidance to the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog. And we will continue to work closely with the Inman team on Real Estate Connect and other projects. But Joel’s first order of business is to help our clients, present and future, bring something meaningful and good to the marketplace.

Joel can be reached at or 971-228-5704.