Jessica Swesey joins 1000WATT

We are pleased to announce that Jessica Swesey has joined 1000watt.

Jessica will be helping us with a bunch of client projects, with a special focus on content development, content strategy, and copywriting.

If you’ve been around the industry for a while, you may remember Jessica as Managing Editor at Inman News. Joel, Marc and I all had the pleasure of working with her there. Since then, she’s run content strategy for a national consumer site and served as managing editor at a digital communications firm.

Jessica is a gifted writer and understands the power of content to engage, entertain, convert and spur conversation.

Good writing, and quality content in any medium, is something many of our clients very much need. So it’s a great match.

We have long subscribed to the maxim, repeated often over the past few years, that every company is now a media company. This is particularly true in real estate, where brand differentiation is difficult yet the potential for content-driven marketing is especially rich.

Real estate brands that get this will be real estate brands that endure. We can now help more of them.

Jessica will also be writing here on 1000WATT Blog and helping us with the marketing effort for our new Nudge application.

Welcome Jessica!