It's Official: Facebook is kind of a big deal

Something big happened this week. And I’m not talking about the move towards a vote on health care reform.

According to online measurement firm Experian Hitwise, Facebook eclipsed Google in weekly traffic estimates. The difference was razor thin -Facebook visits tallied 7.07 percent of Internet traffic in the US versus Google’s 7.03 percent – but the event is nevertheless significant.

If you are like me (an admitted fan of the infographic) and a visual learner,  I found this image particularly helpful in putting it all in perspective. (Click on the thumbnail to get the full version.)

But if I had to sum it all up; it would be this: Facebook matters.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so either.

Take a look at what Dale Chumbley is doing. A Realtor in Vancouver, Washington, he has amassed over 7,000 fans with his 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA Facebook page. It’s a beautifully simple idea, brilliantly executed on the Facebook platform.

Or watch the success Swedish retailer Ikea had using Facebook to promote the launch of one of their new stores:

Imagine how this could be applied to real estate marketing. The mind swims with possibilities.

The slow simmer is growing to a boil. Hitwise’s report this week all but confirms it. There is a seismic shift underway in the way people are using the Web. It’s moving from search to social. And the platform of choice (for the time being) seems to be Facebook.

So, brokers and agents: do you have a strategy for Facebook yet? You should.