It’s not complicated

I hear it a lot these days.

“I’m confused.”

“There’s so much happening in the industry now and I don’t know what to make of it.”

“It’s complicated.”

Welcome to the real estate industry’s community pool, a place clouded by the sediment of distraction and redolent of cynicism, grievance, and blame.

The confused soak in this murk and wonder why the real estate industry seems dismal these days.

Step out of the pool. What is there to be confused about?

Fewer homes may sell, but millions still will.

Fewer buyers will purchase, but millions will.

Good agents will thrive, bad ones will fail.

Smart teams will invest and grow their businesses, the rest will wither.

Rates will go up, and then they will come down.

Brokerages with strong value propositions will prosper, those without will collapse.

Strategic marketing and strong branding will attract business. Random, generic marketing will lead to anonymity.

You know this. I am just reminding you.

The commission issue? It isn’t confusing (or threatening) unless you struggle with honesty or aren’t good at your job.

There’s nothing confusing about the NAR implosion either. It’s what happens when an organization becomes confused about its purpose and desecrates its beliefs. NAR’s issues aren’t yours. They have little impact on your business, your agents, your clients, your brand, your marketing, your expenses, your revenue, your marketplace, and the homes your buyers and sellers want you to represent. You are in full control.

This is also clear: Opportunity is yours for the taking right now. Let others stew in the pool of confusion. Their hand wringing is good for you.

Your business is a freshwater grotto to be filled with your ideas, your vision, your mission, your people, your audience, your marketplace, your service promise, the experiences you create for others and the big goals you set for yourself.

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what will, or should, happen next. You know more than you think you know.

Find the people you want to be with, and get going. This is your year.

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