It's Monday – what are you going to do different today?

I walked with my 3 dogs, 4 kids and wife around the block this morning. I passed a few neighbors. Most were too busy doing their own thing to look up and wave.

I passed 4 homes for sale. They’ve been on the market a long time. All were violently overpriced. Several had overgrown brush. Only one had a URL on the yard sign. Seems like the agents aren’t the only ones who don’t care whether the home sells or not.

What I’m going to do different today is not dwell on failures like these. On the stupidity. Lack of service. I don’t care to change the real estate world by correcting one age old mistake at a time. Been there, done that. It’s wasted time and effort.

Last week I got to see a few amazing things that are in store for our industry. Things that blow my mind. Things that will blow your mind. The people behind the ideas are extraordinary as well.

I’m focusing on that, and that alone.

What are you doing differently today?