An adagio for real estate

Cog – The name given to this two minute film by Honda. This multi-million dollar film inspired by the game Mousetrap features eighty-five cars parts — tires, wipers, ball bearings, a door — arranged in a symphony of metal and plastic that culminates in a new Honda Accord.

No special buy now deals.
No lease terms.
No speeding car angles or rugged male drivers conquering the Cote d’Azur.
No mention of MPG or sticker price.
No pitchman screaming at me through the television.

The ad broke all car marketing conventions. But what effects did the ad have on the brand?

According to a brand tracking report by Simpson Carpenter, during 2003, when the ad was released, there was a 29% increase in spontaneous awareness and a 36% increase in Honda as a preferred brand. The number of people ruling out Honda as a brand choice was down almost 49%.

The whole world didn’t flip over to Honda.
But the ad made people re-evaluate it.
And view the car and company in a new way.

Real estate should be reevaluated. 

Each element, each action, each piece of the real estate brokerage puzzle is perceived as so many unconnected parts by consumers. I am waiting for the company (I’m talking globally: I recognize many individual practitioners have achieved this) that can compose an elegant story that weaves them all together — an adagio for real estate.

– Davison