Introducing Nudge: the web app that moves clients and prospects to action

Nudge, the friendly, beautiful web app that moves clients and prospects to action is now live! 

Go ahead and check it out now. Nudge was born from the notion that agents could use something to cut through the noise and connect with consumers viscerally, almost emotionally, in their marketing. We wanted to create something different, clear and beautiful.

Nudge is a web-based marketing app for agents, but it’s hard to classify. Because there’s nothing else like it. We’re cool with that, and are betting that you are too. But you can think about it this way: Instagram captures snapshots of what you see; Nudge captures snapshots of what you know. A Nudge is like a Groupon. One offering. One call to action. A Nudge is the tweet from @zapposanthony signing on to let you know he’s there, at your service. A Nudge is Nordstrom’s Pin of a Tory Burch sweater. The one that ties your new outfit together. Clear and compelling. This is how major brands market digitally today. This is how they get people to respond. If you’re an agent, you can now roll this way.

See how it works

On sale now Nudge is for agents. At launch it’s priced at $99 per year. But we’re also offering customized accounts for brokers who want to give the gift of great marketing to their agents. We’re thrilled to say four brokerage companies are launching with us: Prudential California Realty in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Residential Properties in Rhode Island Houlihan Lawrence in New York’s Westchester, Duchess and Putnam Counties John Greene, Realtors in the west suburbs of Chicago More will follow soon. Our pricing and set-up process for brokers is unheard of in vendordom. Check the details and get in touch if you’re interested.

Gratitude We’ve been working on Nudge for about a year while also running 1000WATT, which has been booming. It would have been another year were it not for our friends W&R Studios, the guys that brought you Dwellicious and Cloud CMA, who got us across the finish line and will be working with us to bring Nudge to the masses. They’re smart, righteous people and we’re proud to have partnered with them. We also give our thanks to the agents and brokers who gave us feedback all along the way. Even with 15 years around this business, we know that assumptions are folly. Our practitioner friends kept us in line. So, we’re launched. There’s more to come. In the meantime, get Nudge!