Introducing 1000WATT Spotlight: A real estate e-newsletter for curious (and busy) minds

You want to keep up with all the new technologies, big ideas and interesting people swirling around real estate these days but, well, it’s hard.

We get it.

That’s why we’ve launched 1000WATT Spotlight – a simple e-newsletter that highlights one of three things every week:

  1. A new technology or Web-based service, and suggestions on how you can use it
  2. A big idea, and how it may affect your business
  3. An interesting person, and what you can learn from them

Concise. Clear. Actionable. Your weekly shot of inspiration, administered by email only.

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We’ll treat you with great care (we hate spam too). And if you think your company, office, or colleagues would benefit from a bit of help each week we’d love for you to pass the link to this post around.