If I had a crystal ball, I'd rub it all day

… and hope to find some answers. Maybe figure out why the industry is so dead. And come up with thing that will reawaken it. Is it more rate cuts? New apps maybe? Would slick TV ads do the trick? More blogs from Realtors about their personal lives?

Or maybe all we need is time. Maybe the American consumer is just taking a break from the mind numbing hazing of the housing market. From the onslaught of information and the rat-tat-tat of conflicting opinions strewn across the web.

Maybe they are taking a long needed hiatus from a 10-year long conversation about real estate. From Realtors. From the idea that a house is not a home, it’s an investment. From hundreds of websites with the same content, the same listing feeds and homes like this one for $848,000 marketed with only one picture.   

Maybe they are tired of Zestimating, Cyberhoming, Homegaining, Coldwell Banking, searching and saving, clicking, hunting and form filling.

Maybe they are tired of being farmed, captured, cultivated, incubated, managed and dripped to death. You know … it just gets to be too much sometimes. Like a 3-year old that just keeps asking why, daddy? Why, daddy? Why, daddy?

Maybe they just need a break. After all, there are far more important things to be consumed with right now. Brittany, OJ, managing our Top Friend status on facebook, 50 Cent loosing his album sales bet with Kayne, Howard Schultz’s drop in his Forbes Top 400 ranking, and Whoopi on the view.

You know like … real life for a change. 

Let’s use this downtime the best we can. Reflect. Clean house. Read. Think. Play. Reinvent.