If Delta can change, so can you

Airlines flew out of Bankruptcy in April. A large, conservative, “traditional”
airline got a new lease on life.

Its rebirth left it smaller, more
nimble, still independent and focused on change. Delta knew that going back to
the traditional business of having a mammoth fleet, too many employees, staid
marketing and a culture of inertia would redeposit them right back to where
they just came from: In trouble.

I saw this poster today walking through an airport on my way from
one generic American destination to another. The message made me stop and
take this pic with my phone:


What does this message tell you? It
tells me Delta quit doing things that don’t work. They quit expanding for the
sake of expanding. They quit discounting for the sake of competing with the
masses. It tells me they’re taking time know their customer better. What they
like and how they want to be serviced. It told me they value technology and
understand it as both a way to connect with their customers and to cut costs.

It told me that if a staunchly
conservative, Fortune 500 company could make radical changes, anyone can. Even
real estate people. 

— Davison