I believe in Father Christmas – Holiday cheer U2 style

I couldn’t resist posting this.


Whether you love U2 or not, this rendition is simply gorgeous. And frankly, there is no musical sound more beautiful to me than The Edge playing his 12-string Rickenbacker, piped through a Korg SDD3000 digital delay (or a TC 2290) and out through a vintage 1960’s Vox amp.

This track was recorded for the launch of (Red)Wire, the newest addition to the Product (RED). (Red)Wire is a digital music magazine promoting new music. Fees from memberships (see home page for free trail membership) are appropriated towards purchasing life saving medications and helping fight against disease in the world’s poorest countries.

As a long-time member of the One Organization, and a long-time musician, this is something particularly near and dear to my heart.

I know many people prefer not mixing music with politics, but even from my early days listening to Phil Ochs as a kid in the 60’s, the Clash in the 70’s and U2 since 1981, this is how I tend to mix my musical drinks.

And honestly, I think these four Irish guys truly do the work of angels.

I thought it wise to take a minute and bring something sweet to the otherwise hard boiled tone of real estate that often takes place here.

– Davison
Twitter: 1000wattmarc