I am a lead

Yesterday, I became a lead.

I was searching around FrontDoor.com for homes in my area. I typed in Arroyo Grande, CA and come up with this page.

I scrolled around. Found an attractive home. Nice exterior w/ocean view. I clicked on it.

I scoured the details.
3,397 sq. ft.
4 bedrooms.
3 bathrooms.

The agent has added only three photographs. I think perhaps this is just a teaser so I click through to get more info which takes me to the agent’s listing page. I see the same three pictures. They are:
A shot of the exterior of the home.
A fresco.
A bathtub.


There was some data on the agent’s site. When I cocked my head sideways it sort of looked like it was giving me the finger.


Wearing my consumer hat, I’m not sure I, a regular Joe, can really grasp the meaning of this graph. And why does it have data going back to 1939 and no data between 2000 and today? Am I missing something here?

I wonder what the average consumer would do next.
I thought the web was supposed to be easy.

I’m really confused right now.

But I like this house. And the yellow fire hydrant under the yard sign on the front lawn. I could always paint over the fresco. Or punch it out and replace the wall with a window. And who can’t use a bathtub. It must be a very special tub.

I decide to click on Request Information. Up pops a form. It wants to know who I am.

What would you do? I filled it out.


There is a “Message” field in the lead form. I suppose that’s where I put in my request. The questions I have that might better qualify me. The remarks i have that when answered could serve to better qualify the agent.

Seems to me a simple, courteous, consumer friendly, relationship building “how may I help you” would be a simple improvement over the generic Message as well as support the agents desire to build a relationship with me.

Maybe, I’m wrong.

I inquire about the availability of more pictures. It’s a sign of my interest.

I hit submit.

The time is now 5:17pm.
The day is Monday.
I am now officially a lead.
I hope I don’t turn into an orphan.

… to be continued.


Part 2 48 Hours later
Part 3 72 Hours later
Part 4 96 Hours later