How's the Market: An app for marketing what you know

How’s the market?

Agents get that question a lot. At the supermarket, at a cocktail party, at an open house – pretty much everywhere.

How they answer it can win – or lose – them business.

For the past couple months, we’ve been working on, a web app that makes it easier for agents to answer the question well in the digital world. To take the unique street-level market knowledge in their heads and get it out there in a way that builds engagement, and business.

It’s a simple marketing tool good agents can use to merchandize their hyper local understanding of real estate. An app that leverages that which makes them different from their competitors.

We’re doing this for two reasons.

First, we believe that street-level real estate knowledge is irreplaceable. No matter how many charts and graphs you can get online, there’s nothing more valuable than a well-informed opinion from a professional with experience in your neighborhood or on your street.

Second, we believe that if you give people what you know they want how they want it… well, that’s not just good marketing – it’s also great branding.

And good marketing is an elusive notion for many agents. Most now know what marketing no longer is (e.g., newspaper ads, door hangers) but struggle with what marketing should be.

In 2006 it was going to be blogging. In 2008 it was social networking. In 2010 it was location-based services. And for some, those things do work. But most remain adrift in a sea of conflicting currents.

So we’re starting with the idea that those who have valuable knowlege could use a better way to leverage it to grow their business.

We’re expecting to release the app in the next month or two, after we complete testing. More apps will follow later in the year.

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