Great inside and out

They were a great company, doing all the right things. 

Diversification into mortgage, title, insurance and more. 

A strong culture that jacketed them when Compass rolled the buffet of sizzle and stock options into town.  

And leadership. Really good leadership. 

But still, it was time.

As with so many companies we encounter, Jack Conway, Realtor — a 30-office, family-owned real estate brokerage in and around Boston — wasn’t projecting its truth to the world as well as it needed to. 

This incongruity is common. Being willing to address it is not so common. But when Carol Bulman, Conway’s CEO (and the daughter of Jack Conway, the man) called us in the middle of a pandemic and said it was time to invest in her brand, it was clear she was serious. 

We told her, “trust us, trust the process,” which is, generally speaking, rather forward. But we knew we would do great work for Carol. 

She trusted us, and our process, all the way through. A gift. 

We dug in. Working with Carol, Conway President Al Becker, the marketing team, and Carol’s children (who are all involved in the business), we achieved a lot:

  • An impactful adjustment to the company name (“Jack Conway, Realtor” became simply “Jack Conway”) that cleared the way for a streamlined brand architecture.
  • An all-new visual brand identity.
  • The words to convey the spirit of the company.
  • A new website design focused on the Jack Conway brand (of which there is only one) as opposed to a home search utility (of which there are hundreds of thousands). 

It all aligned in time for the company’s annual convention two weeks ago.

Jack Conway being a family company, the reveal of the new branding was very personal, even for those not descended from Mr. Conway. Because when people — managers, staff, agents — see the best of themselves reflected in their company’s brand, they feel more than good. 

They feel 100% themselves. 

You can view work on our website, but here’s just a peek: