Going for the quick win

Ideas are fragile. Sometimes they need to be coaxed into existence. More importantly, it’s when they are in their nascent state that they are at their weakest.

The words “we can’t” are the ultimate idea killers.

One of the best things about our work at 1000WATT is that our clients rarely fall into that category.

Case in point: partnerstrust.luxury – a small website we launched last week for LA-based brokerage Partners Trust. The site debuted during Inman’s Luxury Connect conference.

It started through a chance connection with one of their associates’ contacts, who gave us the ability to pre-register the company for a new .luxury top level domain.

Rather than let that domain sit on the shelf and gather virtual dust bunnies, a crazy idea was hatched.

What if we designed and launched an online luxury destination in less than a week?

Together, we quickly sketched out the criteria. It would be a showcase for properties that sit at the ultra high-end of the market. It wouldn’t need property search, as the inventory would be tightly curated by the Partners Trust marketing department.

It would maintain the highest standards for photography. Words would be at a minimum. Naer an agent headshot would be found.

It would be tightly focused on properties. The user experience would be simple, beautiful and, most importantly, mobile first.

With those goals set in stone, we set out to build the site. Within 48 hours it was live.

You can visit the aforementioned link and see the result.

What I’m trying to impart here is that sometimes it pays not to overthink things. Ideas often get bogged down by committees, meetings, and all the reasons why they shouldn’t take flight.

The temptation is to over-index on the excuses for why something may be too hard or too impractical.

But the reality, in today’s world, is that many of the barriers to action have been demolished. The tech excuses from yesteryear are mostly behind us.

It remains still to see where this project goes. The reception to date has been near universal praise – from the Partners Trust founders, to the company’s associates, to the sellers whose properties have been highlighted. But that isn’t really the point of this post.

The point is that sometimes all you need to say is “let’s do it.”

[Disclosure: Partners Trust is a 1000WATT client]