picks up from Realogy. Everybody wins.

There’s news today that, the real estate Website powered by Scripps Networks Digital (of HGTV and Food Network fame) has acquired from Realogy. Scripps controls the domain and, more importantly, has completely refashioned the site to fit within the larger experience.

This is a winner for everyone:

  • Realogy unloads a property to a partner (along with their brand listings) that can drive vastly more traffic to their brokers and agents
  • Other brokers and brands will have fewer reservations about sending their opens to the site now that it’s owned by a neutral media company
  • Consumers will get more open house listings wrapped inside a site run by a company that is masterful at creating engaging consumer experiences

Realogy should be given credit for having the vision to create a site dedicated to open houses, which had been a notable absence in the category for years. But this brings things to another level.

Think about it:

HGTV, the cable channel, reaches 95 million U.S. households.

One of their most popular shows is Open House Sunday, which airs for three hours every week.

There will be lots of tie-ins on air.

That’s a tight, powerful bit of distribution.