Friday Flash: Whispers, cynicism and the Amazon of real estate

My reentry into the world of work this week was harsh. Two night flights, back-to-back meetings and enough Diet Coke to kill a lab rat.

So this is going to be on the short and kinda fuzzy side.

Amazon has purchased the domain

Remember, this time, when they come for the listings, hide them under the bed!

Speaking of listings, the whispers about various plans to “build an industry-controlled Zillow/Trulia killer” are building.

When I hear these, I think:

  • Isn’t that
  • Wouldn’t it just be easier and cheaper to stop giving them your listings or require rules for their display you are more comfortable with? I mean, that’s not easy, but still…
  • Yes, he did do a great job running IT for FAR back in the ‘90’s, but do you really think he’s got what it takes to take down Zillow? 
  • So the idea is to address concerns about third-party websites taking share from your company website by creating another third-party website?

It’s going to be an eventful year.

I need to understand Facebook for work, and think it can be very valuable for brand purposes, but I do not like it personally. The introduction of Timeline to the already Byzantine interface took things to a level that approaches casino-like cynicism.

A casino is an environment carefully designed to produce in its guests a state of bewilderment that detaches them from the reality and consequences of their activity.

That’s what I’m feeling in Facebook these days.

In real estate, where public, private, personal and professional swirl together, it pays to be very, very careful.

A mobile app called Menu and Hours is in development as an alternative to the review and photo-choked food app space.

I makes me think we should build a real estate search app called Price and Photos.

I’m serious.

This story about a cabbie that rocks Twitter for his business is worth reading. The takeaway: Focus, stay on message, and give people something they want or need. Sounds simple, but it’s something I sometimes forget.

Have a great weekend. I hope to see many of you at Inman next week!

[Disclosure: Move, Inc., which operates, is a 1000WATT Consulting client]