Friday Flash: Facing the demons

Brian Boero

The Voice for Real Estate. The world’s largest trade association. Political paymaster. Champion of homeownership. Protector of property rights.

The National Association of REALTORS® is big, powerful, and… beat up. This is an institution that is being challenged to face its demons. 

Getting a clear read on this, and looking the demons directly in the eye, seems like a good idea even if you’re on the outside, like us. Because whatever you think about NAR, it matters. 

So we fielded a survey of 1,100 agents nationwide in partnership with our friends at BAM. We asked simple, direct questions about the NAR. The general direction of the responses probably won’t surprise you; their intensity probably will. 

We’ve published the full survey results with our commentary, and are making them available publicly, for free. 

Download the PDF now

As students of brands, and people who care about the business of real estate, we’re rooting for the NAR — hoping it emerges reformed, renewed, and worthy of its members’ affection.