Break away from the pack

It’s an exciting time to be in this business, but it can also feel like a ceaseless cycle of reaction, catch-up, and shiny-object chasing.

Things are happening fast, and it’s hard to hear the signal through the noise.

1000WATT can help.

That’s why we’re proud to announce 1000WATT Inside, a membership program for companies that want to break away from the pack and win the future. 

Think of Inside as “1000WATT in a box,” your own private think tank, an ever-growing, advantage-building asset for your business.

An Inside membership gives you and your team access to smart, valuable, no-BS content from our unique 1000WATT perspective, including:

  • Original consumer research on hot topics others won’t touch (we’re launching with first-of-its-kind research on consumer attitudes about iBuyers, agents, and property marketing).
  • Consumer and agent focus groups that give you insights directly from the source (we talked with recent buyers about what they knew, and thought, about buyer agent commissions, and asked agents about how they choose lenders).
  • Live mastermind sessions, led by 1000WATT experts, where you or your team can get real breakthroughs.
  • A members-only podcast, Facebook group, webinars and more designed to keep your organization a step ahead.
  • The Insider, a Monday morning email newsletter that delivers your need-to-know industry briefing along with a shot of creative inspiration.

We’re going to be updating Inside every month with new research and content, so your membership will get more valuable over time. It’s like compound interest for ideas.

And here’s the thing: we are limiting Inside to 200 companies at launch. That’s not a marketing hook intended to create false scarcity; we mean it. Inside is about creating a small, high-quality community. Based on the response to a pre-launch to our clients and former clients last week, we expect these spots to fill.

The price is $2,500 per year for a company membership — about the cost of sending one person to one conference… once. A membership covers your executive team, your marketing or comms team, your board, or whoever you count in your brain trust.

If you’re down for being an Insider, just sign up now through our site. We’ll get you up, running, onboarded, rocking, rolling, and plugged in right away.

We hope to see you there.