Branding and business

This is a story about some work we’re proud of, and a client we love. 

But we’re going to lead with the ending. Because that’s the payoff, the point at which an investment finds its return, and people feel things – good things – that they haven’t felt before.  

We’ll let our client, Turpin Realtors President John Turpin, explain it:

The most gratifying part of the whole experience was seeing how our agents lit up at the new brand identity. Within hours they were sharing posts about the launch, touting the new branding, and affirming our decision to rebrand in ways we couldn’t have hoped for.” 

Delighting customers. That’s the bottom line. 

In the case of brokerages like Turpin, delighting customers means, most immediately, improved recruiting and retention. Larger effects that touch consumers will unfold for years to come. 

Branding and design is ultimately about business. It’s design employed with intention, strategy born from deep insights. The outcome can be transformative. 

Turpin is a great real estate company. Our job was to remind people of that in a way that simply saying it can’t convey. We had to preserve the strength and value inherent in a 63-year history within a visual identity suited for today’s complexity — and, of course, it had to look amazing.  

The output was a full visual system that included a monogram derived from their original logo mark, patterns, color, grids, collateral and more. The visual work was anchored by the slogan Life Here is Grand.

You can read the full story on our website, but here’s a sampling of the work we created with the Turpin team:

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