Brains and heart

Brains and heart.

Culture and systems.

Rationality and passion.

Melded to a point close to perfect.

And execution. Methodical, relentless execution.

This is Realty Austin, a real estate brokerage that has taken just 14 years to become the largest independent real estate company in Texas’ capital city.

The people at this company, led by founders Jonathan and Yvette Boatwright, are smart. They figure things out.

For example, while many brokerages toss and turn through a technology nightmare without end, Realty Austin builds, buys and licenses tech their agents actually use. The company’s website generates tons of leads. And they’ve mastered the most elusive of brokerage objectives, SEO.

Realty Austin agents are good agents. They are twice as productive as their peers. They are held to standards. And they love their broker.

But, like so many other brokerages these days, Realty Austin sits in a pressure cooker of competition. Redfin is blitzing Austin with “1% Listing Fee” ads. Purplebricks, the flat-fee brokerage, has hit town. A certain black-and-white brand with crazy money is roiling the market, making it rain and shattering loyalties.

Jonathan, Yvette and team decided it was time for Realty Austin to level up.

The company’s brand identity hadn’t changed – ever. It wasn’t evoking the deep connection that had formed between company and place. It did not communicate the underlying truth: this is a great company.

So the 1000watt/Realty Austin partnership began.

We spent lots of time in Austin.

Then we went to work. North, Damien and India on our design team, led by Patrick, our creative director, took a broad, strategic approach.

Visual briefs. Inspiration. A pallette. Typefaces. A grid. Business cards. Marketing materials. A logo. Applications from sign riders to office concepts.

In other words, we created a dynamic yet durable brand system to take Realty Austin into the future with maximum confidence.

Everything was revealed at a special all-company meeting at the end of November. To say the reception was enthusiastic is an understatement. Agents were pumped.

The event, of course, was executed flawlessly.